The impact on Lightroom on your own pictures

There are lots of different benefits to choose Adobe Lightroom for your images, so here are just a few of them:
1 – It does everything it needs to without wasting lots of valuable space on things you don’t need. Photoshop has lots of great features but also shed loads of things which you won’t use which all take up valuable disk space. This equates to Photoshop taking up around 1GB whereas Lightroom only uses 100MB or thereabouts. Here’s a video on how to install lightroom:

2 – Because Lightroom uses a small amount of disk space it can run quite adequately on a laptop or a lower end computer. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it won’t work better on a larger, faster machine which has more memory but it can also work on a laptop while you are out and about.

presets in black and white
3 – Managing images is a synch with Lightroom. This means that you can import images, make duplicate copies for various purposes and apply keywords / metadata for easy importing.

4 – The easy image management and the fact that Lightroom is a database file means that you can find all of your images quickly and easily using keywords or metadata. You can also create collections of similar images and add to each collection in the future as and when you want to.


5 – Great conversions are possible because it uses the same raw processes as Adobe Camera Raw which supports the majority of digital cameras. There have been a number of improvements in this area which are great news for the user.


6 – Any photographer who runs a studio will benefit from letting users view the images in a slideshow. This is all possible with Lightroom and you can even add a variety of things including water marks, backdrops, music, text labels and various fonts as required.


7 – Virtual copies is another fabulous feature of Adobe Lightroom. Instead of duplicating a file to a different version – black and white from color for example – the system uses virtual copies which mean less disk space usage. Each virtual file uses only a few KB whereas a physical duplicate will use MB’s.


8 – You can also make easy, side by side comparisons of your images so that you can choose the best and evaluate any adjustments needed. You can therefore pick out the best from a number of similar images which can speed up processes no end, particularly when you are at a live photo shoot.


9 – Working with multiple files and images is another great feature of Lightroom. You can simply select the ones you want and get to work making your adjustments. You can modify every image in a collection in one go if you want to, how’s that for time saving? Black and white lightroom presets from Sleeklens can be organized in one folder this is called work spaces.


10 – Web galleries can be created quickly and easily with a choice of HTML or Flash galleries plus a few add-ons.
So there you have it, ten great reasons to choose Adobe Lightroom for your pictures and images. There are plenty more where they came from but surely that should be enough to convince anyone.