The Best Features of Lightroom

pic6Lightroom is one of the greatest inventions Adobe system has ever made. It delivers a lot of useful tools that helps photographers in all of their photo adventures like creating a word resume template. In this review, we will discuss the best features of adobe lightroom.

Here are some of their greatest and improved features:

Lightroom’s Book Module

This feature is supported by Blurb, a known online photo book supplier that offers the best pre-design products and other significant tutorials. With the recent upgrade, lightroom is equipped with the best tool that can keep track of all the photo books you want.

New and Improved Selections for DNG files

Adobe’s recent release includes new options for DNG files, a format which replaces the assortment of different RAW designs. Over the years, only Adobe system dared to pay more attention to this RAW file converter issues and it was considered as the best feature in lightroom. Users can now have the chance to organize hundreds of RAW files in one photo collection.

However, there are still some limitations to this since the tool separates collections of albums and folders. Lightroom folders are shown in default panel while collections and albums needs to be created first before it can be in the panel. The only disadvantage of this is that even if you make an album for your images in one folder, it does not shown in the same panel which is a little confusing for some.

Moreover, lightroom in the previous release displays dark and jumpled interface, and if you’re scrolling through the panels, you can feel that it was not worked on properly because of its slowness.

On the other hand, in terms of their tools, lightroom presets delivers the best and comprehensive performance. Its ability to edit aperture setting is fast and effective. Good thing about lightroom is that they are always transparent to how they handle each and every files on the library. No wonder they remained the best photo enhancement tool next to photoshop.