Removing Pimples


Ok, pimples close up can be pretty gross, but pimples are a part of life. Many of us have them and it’s worse when they show up in a photograph. In this tutorial, we’ll use Photoshop to remove pimples and get rid of acne on a person’s photograph.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Open the photograph of the person’s face that has the pimple(s).
2. Select the Clone Stamp tool.


3. Zoom in on the pimple.


4. Hold down the ALT key and click to the left or right of the pimple to select the skin texture.


5. Let go of the ALT key and paint over the pimple(s) with the skin texture.


6. When you are done cloning over it with the new skin texture, the pimple will be gone! Granted, when you are zoomed in, you may notice a trace of your use of the clone stamp tool on the skin, but zoomed out at 100%, there will be no trace.