Photography Tips for Beginners

aug5With a great desire to take wonderful images, I bought a new DSLR camera last year. I know that I don’t have that skills and expertise on photography, but I really wanted to learn how to make and take a good image so I read a lot of photography tips online that can be applied to my entire journey in photography.

In this article, I decided to share some helpful photography tips for beginners. These tips will not just help them boost their skills; these will also help them boost their confidence in taking good pictures. However, this article is solely for beginners and amateurs who want to learn more about photography and other things like using lightroom and lightroom presets or photoshop elements actions. Hopefully, they’ll learn something from this.

Aspiring photographers must always remember these three basic tips:

Grid Position (The Rule of Thirds)

Basically, images will look even better if the camera’s grid is adjusted appropriately. Each and every camera that is available in the market today has its own default grid option; even iPhones has its specific rule of thirds that includes two horizontal and vertical lines on the screen. Using it when taking photos may be disturbing but it helps a lot.

Take Photos In Full Quality Mode

A lot of amateur photographers don’t realize that most cameras don’t use its own highest and full quality mode to avoid storage issues. However, with USB and memory cards being more affordable right now, photographers have no excuse to it. They need to activate the highest camera quality as possible to have the best picture outcome.

Learn The Basic Settings On Your Camera

Before you start exploring your camera, you should have an idea on its basic settings. Most cameras have manual and automatic mode. Let’s try to differentiate the two: in manual mode, users get to set and adjust everything in the camera. While in automatic mode, the camera will automatically adjust to its best setting depending on the surrounding.

Generally, if you want to exceed in photography, you must have the great passion to learn new things. Photography is easy, but when you dig deeper into it, it’s a little bit hard and complex to understand. Here’s one more tip, find more unique subjects, learn how they move, click that capture button and you’re done; you now have one great image.