Missing Teeth

In this tutorial, we’ll remove some of the teeth from a person’s photograph. This is a great technique to use on children photos to make the kid look cute. It can also be used to make joke photos, such as someone who has had their teeth knocked out in a fight.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Open a photograph of a person who’s teeth are showing. Preferrably one that has the inside of the mouth visible.

2. Select the Clone Stamp tool.

3. Zoom in on the teeth. Hold down the ALT key and select a dark area of the inside of the mouth.
4. Let go of the ALT key and paint over whichever teeth you want to remove.

5. Select the smudge tool with an appropriate sized brush and smudge the painted area to blend it.

6. You’re done! You should now have a person’s photograph with missing teeth.