Lightroom: What To Buy? Licensed Lightroom Pack or Creative Cloud Subscription Plan?

LR1Lightroom users used to buy the full version of the program in one-time payment. It used to be easy as all they need to do is to purchase the pack from computer stores. However, as time goes by, Adobe decided to create a new offer. The company announced their subscription service called creative cloud system. Photographers and other adobe users have two choices in buying Lightroom products: They can still buy the full version of the program in one-time payment or buy the program as part of the creative cloud plan. In this article, we will help you decide on which is the best option to get Lightroom.

Creative Cloud System

When adobe has announced the creative cloud subscription service plan, it was covered with a lot of issues related to the Lightroom plan prices. Other users said that instead of making it affordable, they doubled the prices. However, according to Adobe, the plans were reasonable as it contains a lot of adobe programs in one plan. Users can get to enjoy both Photoshop and Lightroom in one creative cloud plan.

Basically, there are two types of Lightroom users. First, people use Lightroom with the combination of Photoshop. They want to use both programs side by side for their editing workload. For this type of users, the creative cloud service plan is the only choice for them to use the latest version of both adobe programs.

The second type of Lightroom users are the ones who uses Lightroom alone in their workload. They don’t need the help of other Adobe program at all. The best choice for this type of users is to buy the full version of Adobe Lightroom that contains a lot of presets for Lightroom 6. And if by chance they needed the help of Photoshop, they still need to buy or download the full version pack of the program. These types of users are usually professional photographers or stable individuals who can afford the one-time payment of the two adobe programs.